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Fahlhaus Demos

In addition to studio releases, Alyson and I have been working on home studio demos of some of more recent songs, and songs from my way-back catalog. Alyson adds piano and arrangement touches as well as doing all the engineering. Most of these feature acoustic guitar, piano & harmonica

Will be posting them here for free streaming, Will be more added.

In future, will be making available for paid downloads.

 After the Revolution - Having a punk rock moment - humous commentary on revolutionary politics.

Always a Wall – Country tune, with a bit of melancholy.

Birds – meditation on birds, wheels, words and light.

Blown Around –love song of a sort

Blue Dreams – folk song of a particular kind of lost love

Dealer Don’t Know – From my sad song years. There’s a version of this on the album Life is Good. We redid here because Alyson’s piano added gave it some additional beauty

Fine New World – 3am insomnia

Into the Sunrise -Why does the hero of the western ride off into the sunset? He’s not going to get far on horseback in the dark. This guy’s waiting for morning.

Lost and Found – Some wordplay made a story

New Tattoo – Gonna get a new tattoo

Promises – Story of two people I knew a very long time ago.

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