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About David Fahl

David Fahl is a singer/songwriter, with solid roots Americana music. His songs cover a wide range of musical styles and

subject matter, laced with original imagery, emotional depth and wry humor.  David usually performs in a duo with his

wife Alyson joining on piano.


David Fahl crafts personal narratives with equal measures swagger (“Nothing’s Gonna Happen”) and sway (“Too Much Perfume”). Proof: Graduation Day. The Houston-based singer-songwriter’s seamless new album deftly backs razor-sharp songwriting (“Road Song,” “Feels Like Flying”) with an ace rhythm section throughout (“Blackout Highway,” the closing “One Way or Another”). Forward motion guides the journey. “The lyrical theme to Graduation Day comes from second song’s chorus,” Fahl says. “‘Nothing’s gonna happen if you don’t make a move.’ I quit two bands and a marriage in the first six months I was playing that song.”


The opening title track immediately sets the tone. “You’ve been running so hard/You don’t get anywhere,” Fahl sings. “You’re learning so much/You don’t really care to know.” “‘Graduation Day’ is a multi-situation song,” Fahl explains. I was watching a couple friends going through a long breakup, realizing my own marriage was doomed and my daughter was finishing high school. These situations contributed lines to the verses. The chorus is a warning that things are definitely going to change. I recorded a version of this song years ago on Life is Good, but redid it now because of what Alyson’s piano part adds – and to mark my transformation from a solo act into a folk duo with Alyson. Jody Cameron’s pedal steel takes it into another dimension.”


Hard-won life experience informs these dozen tracks. Fahl spent his young adulthood working IT jobs in Minneapolis and Houston in the Midwest before dedicating his life to writing songs in earnest in his early thirties. “I realized I didn’t know enough about anything to be writing in my early twenties,” he says. “I decided to get busy doing something until I had something to say. Started writing songs about a decade later. I wrote songs and learned how to play and sing at the same time. It’s been many years working on it, but I have something to say now, stuff I can believe, and I’ve made Graduation Day to put some of it out in the world.”


Comments from Houston’s music community:

 “Fahl, who has been a mainstay on local stages for years, has crafted a heartfelt, thoughtful album of life musings and sweet stories. It's brimming with grace, wit and charm. It's all anchored by his plainspoken delivery and makes it feel like catching up with an old friend.”

-Joey Guerra, Music Critic for Houston Chronicle (selected Graduation Day in top 10 Houston albums 2023)


“I've always admired David's unique approach to songwriting and I believe he has delivered a wonderful album with fine songs and an excellent sound.”

– Brian Kalinec, Singer/Songwriter


"David Fahl thinks like a songwriter. He constantly fascinates me making me looking forward to what he's going to write next.’

– Ken Gaines, Singer/Songwriter


“I have been a David Fahl fan for years. He has a way of turning a phrase just so and giving it life with engaging melodies and rhythms. His songs are relatable and have the ability to surprise and comfort you at the same time. Whether you're an old fan like me or just discovering his music for the first time, this album is a treat.” 

  • Melissa Adams, Singer/Songwriter


“David Fahl pulls me in when he starts to sing. He has distinctive vocal tones that set him apart from others. I recognize his voice immediately and there is something comforting in that. His unique approach to songwriting has turned out creative, catchy and memorable tunes ... all of which make me smile. David has a rare energy that I will always admire.”

– Pam Herndon, JP Hops House


“I love this album…Excellent and moody and darkly funny and smart”

– Rebekah Dahl, Music Box Theater


“David has not only written a ton of good songs, he revisits and hones his favorites into what he really wants them to say. He tells stories that make you feel like you are part of that story. I've had the pleasure of watching him do this for over 30 years. The proof is in the pudding on his latest recording. He hit a homerun on this one” 

– Jeff Hoofard, Percussionist


He has produced 2 CDs of original songs and has been working with Alyson recording demos of songs from

his catalog of over 400 titles.

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