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Thursday 6/13/2024 –

Last Saturday a friend came out to hear us at The Bull & Bear. When we chatted during break, she asked me about some “philosophy” that she heard in one of my song lyrics. I was pleased she’d listened and thought about what she heard. But I do get nervous using words like that about my music because I don’t want potential audiences to be wary of deep lyrics, or think they have to work too hard to enjoy what I do. I write a lot of silly stuff, and work with the notion that my first job is to entertain, that it’s more important for music to open feelings than thoughts. I’ve been watching the world and thinking about it a long time, and it’s true that I do put some of my “philosophy” into my songs, but I’m not a teacher, and would rather stimulate an audience’s thinking for themselves than plant an idea whole in their heads

4/11/2024 -

Friday April 12, 12-2pm- Ted Miller’s Live Music and Lunch at Kojak’s

An informal song swap and jam with myself & Ted (one of the last of the real folk singers)

1912 W 18th


Saturday April 13, 6:30- 9pm at the Bull and Bear on Westheimer.

  With Alyson on piano

    11980 Westheimer Rd, Ste A, Houston TX 77077

Friday April 19, 7-11pm. Alyson’s Big Six-O birthday party at La Coqueta in the Heights.

I’ll be playing with Alyson beginning at 7, followed by the Wendy Elizabeth Jones Band. (Alyson will celebrate by playing all night, in both bands)


Friday April 26, 7 pm. Alyson & I will be part of the League City Folk Association’s Music in the

Historic District. This is a fun event, with 17 acts, beginning at 7. It’s outdoors in a beautiful park. We made it out there in December and had a great time, anticipate even more fun this time of year. We’ll be playing early, so don’t be late!

Monday April 29, 7-10 pm. Danelectro Songwriter Showcase with members of Houston

 Songwriters’ Association, including Mark Winters, Jim Robeson, Maddy Grace, David Fahl, and Bud Bierhaus.

            1031 E 24th St


Pickers - don’t forget Acoustic Jam at La Coqueta, 2-5 pm on the Fourth Sunday of every month. April 28.

01/05/2024 - Exciting news. Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle has included in Graduation Day in his list of top 10 albums by Houston artists in 2023.

"Fahl  has crafted a heartfelt, thoughtful album of life musings and sweet stories. It's brimming with grace, wit and charm. It's all anchored by his plainspoken delivery and makes it feel like catching up with an old friend"


12/17/2023 - First thing I saw on FB this morning was this generous post from friend Ken Gaines:

"I got this CD from David when it came out, listened to it on and off and for the past 4 days I've really been delving into it. I love it. It highlights David's songs and makes me appreciate him more and more as a fine writer. And, there are some really fun moments in the process. I highly recommend it."

Anyone who has been around the Houston and greater Texas songwriter scenes, or the Kerrville Folk Festival in the last few decades knows Ken to a premier songwriter and performer. He has also helped countless aspiring artists and students. I am pleased and proud that he would take notice of my efforts.

11/20/2023 – Radio Crystal Blue, “the longest-running adult alternative internet station”, has included “Close My Eyes”, from the Graduation Day CD in its newest edition. At about an hour and 15 minutes into the podcast, following a set of “Manchester Sound” from the 1990s. Cool company. Radio Crystal Blue 11/15/23 part 1 • Radio Crystal Blue (


11/3/2023 - Packaging for the new CD is pretty minimal, and more people will be streaming or downloading anyway. As a guy who devours liner notes on old jazz LPs and new CDs when anyone writes them, I was frustrated about not adding having any for Graduation Day. So I wrote some up anyway, and have posted them on my website. If you're interested, Lyrics, detailed credits, and stories about the songs are all here: NEW RELEASE - GRADUATION DAY | David Fahl


10/23/2023 Graduation Day is released!


You can order a physical CD here, at Bandcamp -


or check out iTunes or these sources



YouTube -

Spotify -

Pandora - David Fahl on Pandora | Radio, Songs & Lyrics

10/17/23 - I did an interview on KPFT radio's Songwriter Showcase Sunday night, with hosts Tom Tranchilla and Mark Winters. You can hear it here.

10/3/2023 - First digital single from the new album released today. You can find it here on YouTube Graduation Day - YouTube, or on iTunes. Will be coming to a plethora of other digital services, including Spotify, Pandora, TikTok, etc. over the next few days. (Look for the version with the thumbnail with Graduation Day cover. There’s another version from the old CD Life is Good. It sounds good, too, but doesn’t have Alyson’s piano or Jody Cameron’s pedal steel.) The entire album will be released on the 20th of this month.


Graduation day  multi-situation song. Was watching multiple couples going through rough patches and real separations and my daughter was finishing high school. Each of the situations contributed lines to the verses. The chorus is a bit of a warning, that things are definitely going to change

9/11/2023 - Finally finished with mixing the new album, Graduation Day! Sending it off to get mastered today. Started working in the studio December 28 of last year. Took almost as long as a full-term baby, although the fun part lasted longer and the pain definitely not as great. I’m excited. This is definitely the best recording I’ve ever made. Official release date will be October 20. First single, the title song will be available at the end of this week. Yahoo!

7/7/23 - After a few years of hibernation, I’m getting back in gear with the music. This website is part of the push. Will be posting  news, including upcoming gigs here.

The most exciting news is that I’m near finished with a new album, Graduation Day. Will be out late summer, early fall 2023. Some new songs plus revised versions of a couple that had been on previous albums. Since Alyson has started playing, her piano has given all my music an added dimension, both live and on the recordings.

In the meantime, you can hear some of my music on the site already.

The ‘Official Albums’ page has links to YouTube pages with all of the songs from my older CDs.

Alyson & I have been working on home studio demos of very new songs and songs from my back catalog. Will be adding to these in the near future.

Use the Contact page if you’d like to get in touch for any reason, including getting added to the newsletter email list.

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